Thursday, October 07, 2010

I was just thinking about this,

Doo Doo head, Fartknocker, Butthead, Hosebeast...all names my brothers and I used to call one another. We were so mean with the horrible names. My brothers used to call me L.A. (stood for lard ass...nice huh?) so that they could "swear" without being caught. I used to swear at them in Spanish... Once in a while the word faggot would slip out of our little mouths. (I know it's not politically correct, but it was the 80's and kids threw that word back and forth to one another all the time). If that happened we would take in a very deep breath, because we knew if Gram overheard us, we'd have to look it up in the dictionary. She had a very deep hatred of us calling one another that. I can hear her now: "I don't know why you all think you are so cool when you use that word! Look it up! You are just calling one another a bundle of sticks!" And, she was correct. We'd pull the dictionary out (with her standing over our shoulders) and look it up. There it was Faggot: a bundle of sticks.

That page was so wrinkled and worn, we could turn right to it after a while. Like I said, we were mean to one another. We're not anymore though. We've grown to really love and respect each other. I've found that since we've "grown up" my bros are two of the most wonderful, loving men in the world. We've had to hold one another up during some really tough times. I have nieces and nephews because of them. John is the best Dad I know, and Jim will be when the child they are expecting in May is born. Those two little Fartknockers turned into wonderful guys.

Which brings me to why I was thinking about this today. My nephews have gotten to the name-calling stage. They don't call each other butthead, or fartknocker, I swear, those two have a language all their own. Their name of choice? Dooner. Um, I have no idea what it means, but that's what they say. "You're a Dooner!" "You are such a Dooner." "You Dooner."

I asked them once "What the heck does that mean?" They just shrugged their little shoulders and grinned. It was then I knew...this is a replacement curse word. They think they are getting away with something.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...They're going to be Awesome Men.


Coffeypot said...

According to the Urban Dictionary a Dooner is...
An uncool stoner. Someone who gets high alone, doesnt shower typically found in Government Camp Oregon

Minnie said...

It's an ACTUAL word????? I don't believe it. I thought those kids made it up.

I have never heard anyone else use it before, not even the college kids I go to class with.

Probably because it's an Urban word and we live in the sticks. LOL.

Thanks for letting me know!