Friday, January 05, 2007

Bring On 2007!!!!!

I am so happy to see 2006 go. It was one of the crappiest years of my life! Between my Mom being sick, and the breakup, I've never in my life been so happy to bring in a new year. I have wonderful news to report. I've met someone new, and so far his resume has been very impressive. Now all of you that know Chet, I'm hoping that you'll give Mike a chance...he's very nice. And you guys know that I hope that Chet finds someone just as wonderful. I'll always wish that for him. He deserves to be completely happy. And before one more person asks me...yes I miss him. I dated him for almost 10 1/2 years! Of course I miss him, how could I not? And no, I haven't talked to him recently. But I hope that all is well with him, and I hope to see him sometime soon.

As some of you may know, my Mom made a return trip to the hospital between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The cancer has moved from her lung to her brain, and she needed to start radiation all over again. This has been pretty hard on my family and especially on her. She thought that she was done...only to have to start all over. Plus her short term memory is a little iffy, she basically cannot remember about a month of her life. So, I would appreciate any and all prayer on her behalf. Again, she is doing much better now though.

My Aunt Diane (Mom's sister) is also struggling with Cancer. Her treatment begins this month, and hopefully will run smoothly and she'll be back to her old self soon. Prayer for her as well.

I'll be glad to put the year of gloom (2006) out of the picture...2007 has got to be better!

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