Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Final Exam Hell

The semester is winding down at school--which means it's time for the big exam crunch. This is a particularly stressful time in which second-guessing oneself becomes second nature, and the usage of vacation time for those of us that work imperative. I personally become stressed out, cranky, emotional and basically extremely hard to live with.

What is so difficult to understand is why this time never gets any easier. One would think I would be an old pro by now when it comes to finals. I'm not. It starts a wave of migraines that do not end until mid-December. Especially this year--Excedrin Headache #377: Algebra.

One thing about it, once they're over, they're over and then it's totally time to cut loose. I will be partying as soon as they are done. I'll find myself a designated driver and then proceed to work on a blood-alcohol level that matches my GPA. (Hey, it's good to have goals.)

I will be so happy to have time off, and besides, that'll mean I'm halfway to summer break (yay!). Oh, but then Christmas shopping will come--boo. I'm feeling pretty Grinchy right now, but it could be a side-effect of finals.

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