Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Resolutions Schmesolutions.

I'll have to post soon to catch everyone up on what's been going on in the family lately, but for today I thought I might go over all of the resolutions that I have broken so far, and 'splain myself. Accountability, I'm all about accountability.

Resolution #1 Lose Weight.I have made this resolution every single year since I was thirteen. I think that at this point, I don't even need to say it to anyone anymore. Now, I have broken this rule every year save 1994-1997. Those were the years that I was "thin" Ah, the good ole days. I broke this rule under the sub-category of "eat healthy", as you all know, this is lumped in the "Lose Weight" category along with "exercise more" and "take vitamins". I have also broken the other two sub-categories, but "eat healthy" was first broken around 8:15 AM on 1/1/09 when I ate four Christmas cookies with a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Resolution #2 Get Organized.This is perhaps my most pathetic attempt at resolutions. This resolution has been on my list since I turned 30. I figured that once I was 30, I needed to start taking control of my life. This resolution has been broken every year as well. This particular year I broke it under the sub-category of "prepare dinners on weekends, so I have time to study". Yeah, um...officially broke it on the weekend of 1/10-1/11. Have been scrambling this week to figure out a way to study while cooking, and somehow still manage to clean up and deal with my zoo. So far, it sucks.

Resolution #3 Finish the Redecorating.This resolution is now officially two years old. Slowly but surely I am getting very little of this done. So far, I've managed to paint my office, procure some artwork for the formal living room, purchase some new furniture for the family room, and finally pick out wallpaper for the kitchen. We'll eventually get there.

Resolution #4 Stop Being a Doormat.I really really wanted to be able to do this one this year, but I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I mean, it really is easier to inconvenience myself than put others through that...

Resolution #5 Stop Procrastinating.I'll get to that tomorrow, really I will.


The Muse said...

let's revolt...that's right down with resolutions! And up with a revolution to end resolutions..
(only the ones we don't keep though) LOL

Minnie said...

I'm with ya! I'm ready, let the revolution begin!