Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sometimes I Wish Time Could Stand Still...

There are things in life I'll never understand. Like, was it totally necessary to lose Mom and Dad within two years time? Then, what was the cosmic reason we had to chase those deaths with the death of our Grandmother who raised us? Why did all three have to miss out on my upcoming wedding? Was all of this really, absolutely necessary?

The constant drama is getting old. I would so much rather report on the beautiful little mundane happenings in my life. But instead I'm dealing with finals at school, the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and now, the diagnosis of Cancer for my Mom's boyfriend. This man has been in our lives since I was about sixteen years old. Ironically, he has the same type of cancer that my Mom had, and it's terminal.

I wish I could freeze my life sometimes. Pick a moment in time when everything is okay, when everyone is happy, healthy, and just freeze that time.

Please pray for George.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what you are going through, you and your family is unimaginable. Grief is inevitable specially when we know we won't be able to see our love ones anymore. I will pray for comfort. May God give you, George, and y our family strength at this time. Sometimes we may not understand what has happened or why we have to go through things but know the he is always there for you.Always.

Mizpah to you Minnie.