Saturday, March 06, 2010

Time Flies By

It has been a very long time since I have written about anything on this blog. Our family has been going through quite a lot. Since the last time I have written, we have lost the fourth person in our family in four years. So much death lately, I'm beginning to wonder if anything happy can happen. I'm trying very hard to get out of this funk that I am in, but am stressed beyond my capacities some days. Some days it seems very hard to get out of bed. I think perhaps it would be a good idea to put my thoughts down, but I hate dwelling on the negative all the time. It's just so hard, having lost Mom in 2007, Dad in 2008, Grandma in 2009, and now George in 2010. I know that life goes on, and that none of them would want us to just stop living and loving life, and I know that my family would want me to be enjoying the thought of Mike and I getting married next year, but it is so hard to push the thoughts of missing them and the sadness involved out of my head. I'm going to try to though. So, hopefully, I'll be back to myself soon.

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