Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tidying Up...Let's Just Heave It All Into The Trash.

I'm in the midst of the great hoe out of my office/work area/holiday storage room gone terribly, terribly wrong. Actually, I'm at the half-way point...I think. I can't believe I had so much stuff stashed in this room. Oy. Cleaning it has been a nightmare, but I may be on the downhill slide. The "drop-off" occurred last night, both brothers, one sister-in-law and Sweetie helped to bring all of the aforementioned junk into our house. It was surprising and sad to peel back the first layer of the things that came from Mom's Some of it was mine anyway, from the time I spent with Mom after my roommate moved out of state. Other stuff was Mom's. Actually, a lot of sentimental stuff and paperwork. I haven't gone through that, but one thing I did unearth was the guestbook/memory book from Mom and Dad's wedding. It made me kind of sad that Mom never filled much of the book out. Not a huge shock, because our baby books are like that too. She started filling them in, but never finished, and what is filled out is sparse information. I'm glad I don't need to know a lot of that stuff.

Sweetie brought me roses when he came home from work this morning. I think he feels a little bad about jumping all over me because of the arrival of the junk. He knows there's no way around it, the stuff has to be gone through, he was mainly upset because it messes with his orderly sensiblities. We made up though, we don't really stay mad at one another long, it's a waste of time and energy.

It's been raining all day. Which is good because of the work I need to accomplish, but bad because it has been really gloomy in the house today. No sunshine coming in the windows makes for a "wanna nap" kind of day.

I just really want to finish this room. I did get "before" pictures, and I'm ashamed to say they are bad...really bad. It was a disaster area. It's looking better now, and the further along I get, the better it is looking (yay!).

Well I'd better wrap it up. I figured I'd drop in for a second (to give myself a cleaning breather) to keep ya'll up to speed on the progress. I'll be back tomorrow with another installment. Ta-Ta!

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