Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Makes Me SOOOOO Happy!

Um, it's hot in my house! Can you believe it? It is actually hot in here. 77 degrees to be exact. In March. In Pennsyltucky. Who knew. Funny thing is, it isn't that shocking for March, just shocking for how early in March it is. When I was driving home it was 64 degrees at 5PM. That is unbelievable. I'm getting ready to put on shorts and a t-shirt, because it is too warm in here for jeans and a sweatshirt, and that makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl.

On to other news, I got another pair of contacts today. This is an on-going battle for me. The wonderful eye doctors that have put up with me for years all know that I have issues with contacts. This annoys me because I hate to be chained to the very thick glasses that I have to wear because of my awful eyesight. I have had that ball and chain since the third grade, and it is getting mighty old. This new eye doctor (wonderful woman that she is) has tried me on three types (at no charge...told you she was wonderful). She said she will keep trying until she finds some that work for me. (Did I mention I love her?) The ones I have in now are semi-comfortable. The left eye is bothering me still, but that is to be expected because that eye is the worst for contacts. Two things keep me in the realm of sucky contact wearer person: I have a birth defect in my eyes that has to do with astigmatism. NORMAL people with astigmatism have egg shaped lenses (or corneas, or something like that) that run horizontally or vertically. My deformed eyes run diagonally...yep, it's confirmed, I'm a medical weirdo. The second thing is, Dr. Wonderful (which is how she will now be referred to for the sake of me not having to type "my new wonderful eye doctor all the time) tested my eyes to see how quickly the tears evaporate after I blink. NORMAL people's tears take between ten to fifteen seconds after they blink to evaporate. Mine take, get this, three seconds. No wonder my eyes are itchy and irritated even when not wearing contacts. Thankfully, Dr. Wonderful cracked the code on that one, which makes me wonder: why didn't any other eye doctor check me for this after my repeated complaints to them? Anyhoo, she told me to take fish oil capsules for a while to see if it helps. If it doesn't, then I get to go in for a wonderful procedure where they plug the lower tear ducts on my eyes. That grosses me out, so I'm saying "go huge fish oil capsules that cost me $40 from GNC for a one-month supply, Go!"

I think my dogs have spring fever. I know I do, so it would make sense that they do as well. Problem is, this has caused them to take three times as long to go to the bathroom when they go out. They have to sniff everything, especially now that the snow is melting. This wouldn't be so bad except I have to go out with them and stand there...and wait...and wait...and wait. They will not (even if they could be trusted to do so) go outside by themselves. If I attempt to reenter the house after letting them out, they run right back to the door to come in. Separation Anxiety anyone? This is what requires me to get up at 4AM when I have to work the early shift (7:30-4:00) at work. This is why I'm tired and cranky on the week I have early shift, which coincidentally is this week.

And lastly on the new news line, is that I'm going to attempt to clean my office/crafting area/storage room for all things holiday. This will please Sweetie to no end since he has been after me to hoe through that room, um, for three years (she says sheepishly, while blushing). Basically up to this point I have painted the room purple (my fave color) and then proceeded to fill it with a large amount of crap. If it didn't have a home it went in that room. All of the stuff that I kept of my Mom's is in that room. One of the reasons it has to be done is because my lovely brother John is bringing over more of said stuff on Saturday. So, to keep Sweetie from busting an artery, I must clean and reorganize that room (especially since he has no idea about the drop). The other reason I'm going to do it is because that room pisses me off too. I don't like not knowing where anything is in there. I haven't seen the top of my desk since it was moved in, and have taken over Sweetie's desk (which makes him so happy, since I have added to the overall clutter of his office--you love me Sweetie, remember?) since I cannot use mine. Plus, I have all kinds of paperwork for the wedding, and other organizing that I need to do, and that room absolutely needs to be the hub.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, my FAVORITE holiday. I claim my Irish heritage more than the others in my background, mostly because it is the most colorful heritage I can claim, but also because then I can blame my love of the liquid libation on that. We are having our annual party the Saturday following, so I also have to deep clean the house. I'm not talking de-clutter, I'm talking shampooing carpets, washing down walls, disinfecting within an inch of my life. Sweetie is a neat freak that puts all other neat freaks to shame. To me what is clean to a clinical level is to him passable. I'm definitely the Oscar to his Felix.

So that's the skinny on life for me right now. I'll be busy as heck. I'll try to take pictures of my Hurricane Room so the before and after shots can be recorded for posterity. I'll also take more pictures of the tiling job we did, but I'm waiting for Sweetie to trim it out so I'll have a final finished look pic for you. So, ta-ta for today.

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