Friday, March 12, 2010

What A Day...Should've Stayed In Bed.

Today started off foggy...really, really foggy. Literally, it was so foggy that the wind was blowing it around into a swirling mass. Not a huge surprise that it was so foggy, because the temperature last night did not fall above freezing for the first time in a very long time, so the fog was caused by the warm temperatures combined with the cold off of the melting snow. Made for some good times commuting to work today. I love low visability. I got home early (meaning I didn't stop for any errands, just went straight home) to prepare for the impending drop-off of junk that my bro was going to bring by. More on that later. Anyway, when I got home, Sweetie had just gotten out of bed. I could tell by his major bedhead and bleary eyes. He was letting the dogs outside as I was pulling into the driveway. So I stood outside with him for a little bit, listening to him complain to me about said drop-off. Have I mentioned he's anal-retentive about clutter??? OCD?? Oh, yeah. After listening to him list and categorize all of his complaints, then telling them he was more than welcome to write them all down and submit them to management, I went inside to do a little quick cleaning, as I would be doing just that all weekend and I wanted to get a jump-start on it. So, while I was doing that, Sweetie finished letting the dogs out and put them back into their crates while he cleaned up the yard a little bit. I dusted and unloaded, then reloaded the dishwasher in about 45 minutes. Sweetie came in from outside and came to the kitchen and we chatted about bills for about five minutes, then he said he was going to run into town really quick to pick up a lottery ticket. I told him to let the dogs out of their crates so I could feed them...that's when all hell broke loose.

Apparently, even though Mojo, our shepard had already been outside less than an hour before, and peed on every spot he could find in the yard to pee on, he decided that today would be a good day to mark his crate as well. I swear to God, that dog has a huge bladder or something, because his crate was filled with pee...of course my resident neat-freak blew a gasket. I mean blew. his. top. Not that I was pleased, because now I had to clean the crate, and the dog--to top it all off, none of us had eaten dinner yet, and my brother was on his way over with a truckload of stuff from my Mom's. Joy.

That was my was yours?

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