Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day...The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I love St. Patrick's Day. When I say I love it, I don't mean it like "I love that dress", I mean it is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. Ya'll can keep Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, St. Pat's is where it's at! I have the most decorations for this holiday, and I add to my collection every year. I have more than four shirts, shoes, numerous hats, jewelry, socks, etc., all with a St. Pat's theme. When I lived in the "Big City" (if you can call Erie, PA a big city) I used to take the 17th and 18th of March off and party hardy! Now that I live in the sticks, I can't really do that, there are too many other obligations. Sweetie and I do throw a party every year that we've been together for the holiday. I've given him a new appreciation of his Irish background and influenced his love for the day as well. We even have a four-foot-tall shamrock that lights up that we put in our yard for the special event. This year our party is on the 20th, and I can't wait. Our family needs a fun time, reason to celebrate something. We've had enough heartache and sadness for a long while.

So, I was pulling out my decorations for the day, and I am MISSING STUFF!!!!! I can't find one of my boxes of celebratory junk! The box with my pub signs (yes I have multiple) and bedazzled shamrocks (those number more than one as well) is missing. Not good. I don't know where in creation I could have put them. I'm freaking out here. So, I'm going to have to tear the house apart to find them. I will find them!

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