Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My First Official Brontealong Post!!! (Do you hear sirens, bells and massive applause?)

I went online yesterday to put the *highly acclaimed* BBC movie Jane Eyre on my queue on (disclaimer--I am not advertising this website, though it is the one we use in our house, and they provide fast service, they have no idea about little old me or my itty bitty blog. Ahem, that is all.) I found out rather quickly that there are literally a gajillion versions of this movie. Wondering right now why I've never seen one!

This one is from 1996, or so it says online. Um, the cover makes it look pret-ty steamy! I may rent to compare. Says that Anna Paquin plays the "young Jane" for all of you True Blood fans.

This one is from the eighties and HEL-LO has Timothy Dalton in it--when he was hot aven! Yum...might have to check this one out as well. It's also almost 4 hours long (239 minutes it says).

This here ditty is from the seventies, the decade I was born in. Actually, it is two years older than me...they don't look at all happy do they? I mean I know it's not exactly a comedy, but they look rather pissed off about something. The Rochester in the picture looks like he's doing the good old "smell the fart" acting.

Ah, yes, the 1971 version with George C. Scott. I don't know if I could watch him as Rochester when the visions of him playing Scrooge would never leave my head.

The 1944 version, with ORSON WELLES???? M'kay, may be worth a view! Elizabeth Taylor is in it too, along with Margaret O'Brien--who I love! Ever see Meet Me In St. Louis? One of my favorite Judy Garland films, well Margaret O'Brien plays Tootie. That movie debuted the song "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"...but, I digress...

And of course, the 1934 version, which boasts that it is the first adaptation to use sound. And of course, it is a double feature!

So, I put THE movie in my queue...but I have to wait until we watch and return 2012 to get it. Since Sweetie and I have Friday off, that shouldn't be an issue. I should be able to receive it and view by next weekend! Then I'll know what all the buzz is about--hate being out of the loop!

I've begun to read the book. Now, I read this book years ago for school, and of course when you are forced to read something, enjoyment is out the window. Had I picked it up on my own I would have loved it. So far, I wish I had more time to read, because I don't want to put it down. I've fallen asleep reading it two nights in a row. Can't read before bed anymore, puts me right to sleep! The way Bronte paints the picture though is marvelous. When she talks about the chill in the air, I pull the covers closer to myself. When she describes the attitude of Jane's cousins I want to crawl in that book and smack 'em. I know that the book describes the Aunt as "stocky" but I picture her in my head looking like Margaret Hamilton:

It's a compulsion that can't be helped. I feel the same way about the Superintendent of the school. Keep picturing Eliza Jane from Little House on the Prairie.

Okay, so, here's my question, if you were to cast anybody, in any role in your own awesome, mind's eye view of Jane Eyre--who would it be?

Come on, Indulge my craziness!

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Anonymous said...

I have watched several of the Jane Eyre adaptations and for me, nothing compares to the Masterpiece Theatre 2006. Yum.