Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

This is such a pretty little pink package. One I wrapped especially for my Sweetie. Inside was a picture that I had a wonderful Caricature artist from Erie do for me. If you want to see his work, or have him do one for you, go to
The caricature was of Sweetie and I wearing hats from our favorite sports teams, which of course do not jive. We have little teasing arguments about who is superior.
I framed and matted it with a blue matte, and the frame is the same color as the woodwork throughout our house, which I knew he would love, because he is very matchy-matchy. I'm not, but like to make him happy. He absolutely loved it, and it made him a little misty, which made me happy, because I knew he loved it.
All in all, it turned out to be the perfect Valentine's Day surprise for him.
**On a side note, again the lateness of the blog--please forgive me, we had this wonderful windstorm on Thursday and Friday last week. It made for some sketchy power outages. I promise that next week you will see the PINK SATURDAY at it's regularly scheduled time. Thanks guys!


Chris said...

Hey Minnie! Thanks for promoting my business. I'm really glad your husband liked the drawing!

P.S. nice matte job!

Minnie said...

You are welcome

PS Thanks!