Monday, February 09, 2009

Pink Saturday, er, ah, Pink Monday (I can explain...)

So I wrote Saturday's Pink Saturday blog and hit "publish post" and that's when it happened--buh-bye internet for the weekend. I thought that it may have saved it, but no such luck. So I'm reposting today (first day back online) and realizing I have no idea what my previous post was about. (My short-term memory is awful, and anger at my computer did not really help things.) I can't even remember what my original pink picture was (blasted memory, I probably better start doing word puzzles to stave off dimentia).

So here's the new and improved pic for PINK SATURDAY:

This is a picture of one of my babies. It was taken in July, when she was truly a baby. The pink is of course, her scarf. My sweetie said that it was mean to put it on her. But I explained that they are only little and cute for such a short period of time and I was taking advantage of it. (She is a black lab after all!) To illustrate my point, a much more recent photo below:

This is a picture of both of my babies. Macie is on the left, and Mojo on the right. They are both now almost 9 1/2 months old. They were about 8 months in the pic above.

Time flies.


Mimi said...

LOVE your babies. Check my blog and you'll see why!

Happy Pink Saturday, oh, and ♥Valentine's Day♥ too!!

Llyn M said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day too!!

Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day Minnie!


Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

We all have those computer screw ups. I live in PA also. Your babies are very sweet. Esther