Friday, April 23, 2010

Brontealong....last Jane Eyre Post

I'm late in posting my last Jane Eyre reflections. That may be because I have watched the movie, but have not finished the book. Thing is, my life can get crazy-busy, and free time to do things that are enjoyable is at a premium, and 90% of the time, sleep rules.

So, my last J.E. post will be about the movie rather than the book. Don't get me wrong, the book is great, but time-consuming as it requires a dictionary at times to check what some of the words mean. At times the dictionary doesn't even have the words I'm looking up and I have to google. That is a little much when I may have fifteen minutes to fit something in.

But the movie...sigh....oh man. I (at first) rented it from Blockbuster. I then went on the wagon with the rest of the folks that have fallen in love and bought it. I now fall asleep every single night with Rochester. Sweetie works third shift, so I am alone at night most times and live out in the country, every little noise keeps me from falling asleep. So, the TV has a sleep timer and I've been putting the DVD in and falling asleep watching the movie. Toby is such a dreamy guy! I'm very interested in finding some of his other movies, just to see more. Melissa and Beth were not only right, but have fueled a new obsession in me. One that Sweetie just doesn't get. He shakes his head and wonders what the attraction is. Although romantic, Sweetie just doesn't get into the period movies. I try to explain, but it is futile. I love the ending of the movie. At that point, Jane has found herself and is so much more confident in her skin, and that is so appealing to me. This is how life is. As I get older, I get bolder.

A people-pleaser like myself can see so much of themselves in the character of Jane. She wants to have friends and loved ones. Once she finds them she is exceedingly loyal. Tending to see the good more than the bad in those around her, and forgiving those who have wronged her are more traits that I share. I have such a hard time holding a grudge, as it is so time-consuming and negative. Jane is the same. Things like that get in the way of living. There is so much of life to be lived. Also, Jane wants to have a voice, one that is heard rather than ignored. I can relate to that. This experience so far has opened my eyes to these things and allowed me to reflect more on the way that I live my life. I want to live it fully, and make sure that what I say is direct to the point. I want to love and be loved, because that's what life is about. All of the money in the world may guarantee that you are comfortable, but it will not make sure you are loved.

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