Thursday, May 27, 2010

AAAAACK! It's like it's summer or sumpthin!

Okay, these are totally random thoughts in no particular order:

If my dog Mojo does not stop barking, I may have to rethink my stance on animal cruelty.

To the green Pontiac Sunfire that was tailgating the old guy driving the motorcycle are an asshat, you could've caused an accident, and it's drivers like you that make motorcycle people mad at car seriously suck.

To the person who invented french fries...I heart you and want to marry you.

Those of you who are off work tomorrow and have rubbed it in to all of the rest of us...I'm holding up a finger, can we guess which one?

It's freaking hot outside today, like sweat your balls off hot...not that I have balls, but if I did, they would be sweated off and I would have to put them in my golf bag, because that's where I keep Sweetie's balls, and they might like the company.

To the maker of Dell laptops: stop making shiny laptops. I'm sick of wiping the fingerprints off of mine. That is all.

Never, ever eat a french fry out of the deep fryer for less than three's not a smart thing to do...donth askth me how I know thith.

I really need to do an actual post with a point, and also, download the pictures from my camera...

I only have one more room in my Pet Poopsie's house on Petville to procure, which is obviously a cry for some serious help.

Seriously, it's freaking hot's like it's summer or sumpthin!

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