Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ahhhh, Philosophy...

...How useless I find you to be, what is useless??? What is to be??

Um, yeah.

This class is a total waste of my time. Much the same as Algebra was. Never mind the fact that I just got my first test back and it was a 70%...which doesn't make me (overachiever) happy at all. I hate classes where there no black, no white, only shades of gray. Be freakin' specific! Give me the right answer and I'll learn it.

Not only that, but, every time I see the name Socrates, I think of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (So-crates! lol, I'm afraid I'll actually call him that name because that is how I have pronounced it since 1989.)

Of course the most wonderful thing about that class is that the professor is the same age as me...that makes me feel sooooooooo unbelievably old. It doesn't help that the two girls that sit in front of me are high school juniors and I could have given birth to them. Nope, that's definitely not helping. Oh and this is a quote from one of them: "I um, know you are like, older than us, but, um, like how old are you?" My response: "Shut the hell up whippersnapper!" just kidding... "35." Then she says "Duuuuuude, like, I didn't think you were that old, my Mom's only like, a year older than you! I thought you were like 28 or something!" Then I told her to turn around and not speak to me for the rest of her natural life. Just kidding. I did give her the old stink eye though.

Annnnnyway, back to the class...

Tonight's topic was "what is good?" Of course, lots of things popped into my, chocolate, tequila, chili-cheese fries, beer, chocolate raspberry cheesecake...but that's apparently not what was meant by the topic. Literally, we talked about what "good" is...I'm still not sure what the answer was, sounded like a bunch of pontificating to me, but Philosophy, I'm finding, is mostly B.S. that was given a name so a bunch of pretentious people could try to out-talk one another.

Seriously, do you know what "wasting my time is?" how about "what spending my money on a ridiculous class that has no bearing on the real world whatsoever is?"

I have never known an hour and a half to tick tick tick by so painfully slowly. Algebra wasn't even that boring. At least in that class, the professor wrote notes so fast that your hands were busy copying, even if you weren't paying any attention.

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