Friday, September 10, 2010

What a long day...

So today I had to do something that I absolutely detest. I had to go to the funeral home. The worst part about it all was that the viewing was for a very young man who lost a battle with a diseased liver. Such a terrible waste.

No offense to the funeral director, who I love (Hi Mr. Edder! You truly are one of the most wonderful people I know!) but I have been to his "parlor" way too much in the past few years. The young man was a veteran, which also wasn't easy because the local VFW does a prayer service at the viewing and I was just in time (talk about lousy timing) to see it. My problem is not with the VFW (you guys are wonderful men, and I thank God every day for those of you who put themselves in harm's way to keep us free) or with the prayer service (I pray a lot myself) but they are so hard to listen to without crying like a baby. The gentlemen from the VFW were the same that were there for my Dad's funeral, I recognized so many of the faces. One of the hardest parts is watching these men, all at different stages in their life (I'm talking even ones that you can tell struggle to walk), file by the casket and salute the deceased. Even now, writing about it I am tearing up. Talk about love, family, comraderie, and just plain respect. Umkay, I'm moving on. Rest in peace Michael, you deserve it. Say hi to my family please? Tell them I love them.

Aaaaaanyhoo....after that ball of fun, I went to my brother's house with a surprise for my nephews. I had bought them each their very own desk. They were so excited. My poor brother had to assemble them right away because the munchkins couldn't wait to organize their little workspaces (they are so much like me sometimes--including an addiction to stationary supplies--okay, maybe I feed that madness a litte, but I'm their aunt and that's what I do...nuff said.).

I didn't spend a ton of money on the desks (they were $39 at Wallyworld) but they were supercute and should take them clear to college. They are both identical with metal frames and a glass top that is red glass. The kids reallllllllly got a kick out of them, and I got many many many hugs in return, which as any aunt will tell you is why we spoil them! I helped them sort out the office supply stashes I brought for them (what? come on, like I couldn't part with some paperclips and rubber bands?) they took their time loading some notebooks and other personal touches. I also gave them each a glass that belonged to my Grandmother and they put their pens and pencils in them. I love that my little guys totally get how special family things are like that. They were so excited to get something that was Great-Grandma's that those glasses almost outshone their spanking new desks. My brother is really teaching them the respect of things like that and I love it.

I'll post pictures once the littles have had a chance to totally personalize their little spaces. I think it will be way more interesting to see how each "decorates" their area.

I didn't get home tonight until 10PM...poor Sweetie. He's barely seen me at all this week, and I miss him so much (third shift--you suck butt!), and I can tell he misses me. Now that school is in full swing, I am at class after work Monday through Thursday until 7:20, and after my commute home, I don't walk in the door until 8:20. That would be on the days that I don't have errands to run (grocery shopping, you are right up there with third shift...). I'm looking forward to tomorrow though, because I'm going to go see Eclipse. I'm going by myself because anyone who would be interested in watching it has already done so. I'm late to the party on the whole Twilight thing, but I'll bring you up to speed on the mania of reading the "saga" really soon. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to put me in a straight jacket and send me to a rubber room...

Well, it is now 12:30 in the morning, and I do need to get some sleep, so, until next time peeps!

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