Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Okay Guys, I realize it's not Friday, but I have put this off long enough...

This was me at Halloween. Well, me, and the girls in the family. The girl in the ginormous Police hat is my Sister-in-Law Raine (married to my brother Jim, and expecting the new addition to my family...right now I'm calling the new addition "the Nugget"). The feisty feline is my Sister-in-Law Nan, my wine-drinking partner (see photo below). The cutie-patootie blondie in back is Alley, my Cousin Billy's girlfriend (she's dressed as Alice--so adorable!) And, the chubbo dressed as Little Red Riding Hood would be me. Don't be saying to yourself "geez, she's really hard on herself." Because, you see, it's the God's. honest. truth. I look like Little Red Riding Hood twenty years after the whole debacle with the Big Bad Wolf, and she's really let herself go...although, she does have some awesome rockin' hair going on. I look like I ate all of the goodies in the basket that was being delivered to Grandma...thrice.

(obviously too much wine here,

What's the point of all of this? Well, obviously it's not because I'm overly proud of myself. Because I used to look like this:
(I was 21 here. The cute blonde is my friend Jennifer)
(Taken the same night. The Guy is one of my old "pool-playing buddies" Tom)
(I was 19 here, That is some hair, huh?)
(Fifteen here)
(Sixteen here)

(This picture serves no other purpose than that it makes me lol. I was so cute and drooly huh?)

Now, to the point of all of this. I said a while ago (yes, I did) that I would start posting my weight on Fridays. I have certainly put this off. I know it's not Friday, and I will start posting a regular "Fitness Friday" post. (I would be happy if my readers, small group that they are, would like to join in. Whatever point you would like it to serve to you is fine. You don't have to post your weight like I'm going to be doing. That's very personal. But if you want to do that too, it would be awesome!) I'm going to reveal just how pudgy and out of shape I am....okay....drumroll please....


What, you can't read that???? Okay, yes, I weigh 227 lbs. (Hello world, I now feel completely naked...)

Nobody but me (and one of my BFF's Shanna) knew what it was that I weighed. Not "fo sho". Sweetie's been trying to get it out of me for a long time. He doesn't even know. Good thing he's not a web surfer.

I'm ashamed of how unhealthy I have let myself become. Here is a list of stupid things that cause this:

1. I have a monthly gym membership that I have paid for for going on two years now. I never go.

2. I eat late at night because I have trouble sleeping.

3. If given the extra time, I take a nap rather than exercise.

4. I buy healthy food and it goes to waste because I am too "tired" to fix a salad.

5. I have lost my old habit of vitamins, lots of water, and using the alloted gym time at work (that I get to use on company time--mind you!)

The time for excuses is over. I have a wedding in less than 220 days. I have to get a handle on this SEVERE PROBLEM. And it is a SEVERE PROBLEM.

You may ask yourself "What brought this on, Minnie?" Well, I just finished watching the Biggest Loser Reunion Special. Now, for friends of mine, they know that I love. this. show. BL is awesome. Anyway, I'm watching it and realizing that I weigh as much as the contestants do! I could be on that show! I don't want to be on that show, that would be something I could never ever do. But, I can put myself out there in the world--on my blog--and have a place where I am held accountable for what I have done to myself.

I literally have my engagement picture session on Friday. It will be the LAST TIME I will be that fat. That's the mission. I choose to accept it.

See ya Friday...

Oh, and don't tell anyone what I weigh, OK?


Anonymous said...

I promise to not tell anyone your weight:) I have faith that you can lose the weight as I have lost a ton of weight myself .. I stopped weighing myself at 210lbs because I was disgusted with how I looked and felt I was about to have to go buy a whole new wardrobe because all my clothes were getting too tight. I am now down to 155-160 lbs now and still trying to lose more :) Not quite sure how I lost it other than cutting out a lot of the processed foods I used to live on. Well enough rambling . . I wish you nothing but luck on your venture to lose weight and just remember no matter what you are still beautiful :) Love ya! Dianna

Minnie said...

Thanks so much Dianna! I'm so proud of you, I know how hard it is to do what you did! You are a Rock Star! Love ya back, and can't wait to give you a big hug!