Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas, Finals, Wedding...oh my!

OK, so I know that I didn't do my Fitness Friday post on Friday...I have a very good reason though. Last week was finals week for school...ugh. I detest finals week. It's truly the most awful week of school...aside from midterms of course. They both rank right up there on about the same level. The only difference between the two is that the week of finals is when most projects are due as well. So, I was completely engrossed in "school-world". All of this doesn't mean that I didn't weigh myself though. My new weight is 233. So, I lost a pound. Not bad...but not as good as I was hoping. I will be posting again on Friday, for those following the saga.

Christmas...ugh. I used to love Christmas. But all it has become to me in recent years is two weeks of complete stress. Mike is a Christmas nut. He would never, ever admit it, but he is Clark Griswold at heart. Basically, he is a really annoying nut who carries around lights, extension cords, and timers. Oh, and makes me his very unwilling helper. No matter how many decorations we put outside, he always finds another spot that "needs something". Move on to the indoor decorations. This is my realm--whether I like it or not. Mostly anymore, not. Luckily, as you all know from my earlier post, I was able to scare up some "minions" for the tree that resides in the Family Room. Oh, how I love minions!

I love you my "minions"! I need more! Brothers! Get on this! However, no minions were to be found when I had to put up the tree that I refer to as my "pretty" tree. Behold, the "pretty" tree:

OK, so I am aware that the tree skirt doesn't "go". This tree has been a work in progress, and used to be Blue and Silver, so at that time it did "go". But since the first year, I turned to the colors in the room as inspiration for the tree. And though you cannt tell from this picture, the color palette for that room is autumn tones. "Pretty" tree--check.

Next on the list of "Crap for Christmas" is buying presents. This is not my favorite, and thus, is still not finished. I. Hate. To. Shop. Yes, I realize this is not a normal thing for a chick, but I do not enjoy the crowds, the lack of parking, the helpful salespeople (which is strange since I work in sales), the holiday carols playing over the store intercoms (mocking me), driving in bad weather to spend hours at the mall, nor waiting in line at the cash register. Shopping--not check.

Wrapping--oh, my favorite! It really is. I wrapped all of the presents that Sweetie bought so far (except for what he got me) and thoroughly enjoyed every sweet second of it. Observe: That's not all of 'em, just a small selection. I will be wrapping more as well, the only thing that makes shopping worthwhile.
Next on the list is cookies. Normally, I do about a bajillion different kinds. This year, I am doing three. That's it. If they don't like it then they can bake them. I do not have the time.
On to drama-creator in my life number three...wedding plans. This should not be a problem. I am slowly beginning to understand why the brides on Bridezillas are well, bridezillas. Planning a wedding is really, extremely, exhaustingly stressful. Aside from figuring out all of the logistics, and the money portion of the wedding, I still have to pick out my dress (which I haven't done, because it requires shopping, and worse than that it requires shopping and trying things on...I'm allergic to trying things on. I don't even like to try on shoes.) and I have all of these meetings and appointments that I have to get done now. I mean it, I have to get the bulk of it done now. I am on break from school right now, so my schedule is only half as crazy as normal. For some oddball reason, the vendors for my wedding can't seem to make it to a single scheduled appointment. And frankly I am getting tired of hearing the myriad of reasons why. I do not have time for the drama. My wedding date is not waiting, and I am running out of time. I am pretty patient as it is, but my patience is being pushed to the breaking point. I actually had a meltdown at work today, Bridezilla style.
Seriously...me. I broke down. Freaked. Lost it.
The wedding planner from the venue that I am using cancelled. This isn't the first time. But, right now, we really need to get some of the things that are being done there nailed down, set in stone, finalized. Such as what the hell we are going to be feeding people. I honestly have no time for these delays, so I was really mad. Funny thing is, she cancelled with me over my voicemail. I think she actually asked for my voicemail, because then I couldn't lose it with her.
After my initial meltdown, I happened to get a call from Sweetie, who had gotten a message at home from her off of the answering machine. Boy, I thought I was mad. He was livid. He's the "money-man" by that I mean that he wants numbers right now. Plus, he's sick of all of the cancellations that are going on as well. Especially since he works third (oh, did I mention that chink in the schedule?) and the meetings are hard to come by, and, as I said, this is not the first cancellation. So he was losing it on the phone. The innocent person who had to hear it? That would be me. Like I wasn't mad too! Thanks so much Wedding Planner Lady!
Anyhoo, now I'm home, my blood pressure is starting to return to normal, and I am pulling the last stinkin' batch of freaking cookies out of my oven...
So how's your holiday going?
Merry Christmas.

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