Friday, September 29, 2006

Procrastinators of the World Unite! We'll Meet Tomorrow!

OK, so I've never been known for doing things on time (at least I finish most of what I start). As a kid, I was the one doing homework at ten on Sunday night. I work well under pressure, it's actually when I do my best work. Recently this has become more and more of a problem. I'm not entirely sure if it is because of school, or the work/school combo, but I feel as if my life is spiraling out of control when it comes to time. I have none of this so-called "free time" that people speak of. And it's beginning to get to me. If I'm not at work or school, then I'm working out or running errands. I barely have time for my homework before crawling into bed completely spent.

I have to schedule everything. I have to schedule time with my boyfriend, and a lot of the time our schedules conflict, it feels like we barely see each other anymore. We haven't had an actual date in months (Chet, a date is where it is just you and me and we are somewhere other than in front of the TV). It's not his fault though, I bear most of the blame. I'm not available to see him most of the time. It's kinda sad. When did my life become RUSH RUSH, gotta get here, need to go there? I need to start scheduling ME time. The sicker my Mom gets, the more I realize that I need to appreciate the people around me and ENJOY my life. Not just keep running through an endless slew of appointments. OK, I'm done venting.

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