Friday, January 21, 2011


Things are moving right along on my weight loss journey. I have been sticking to the Weight Watcher's Plan for more than three weeks now, and I'm starting to see quite a bit of progress.
In my closet reside three different sizes of jeans.
1. Jumbo-Ginormous
2. Ginormous
3. Haven't worn since I was 24.
In a strange turn of events, My Jumbo-Ginormous pants are baggy, and my larger-cut versions of the ginormous pants are comfortable. But the most exciting thing of all? The smaller-cut versions of the ginormous size I can actually wear! YES! You see, I haven't worn these pants since I first met Sweetie. That was four years ago.
So, Progress!
But, my ultimate goal would be to wear size "Oh God! When I was 22 I totally wore you!" Which is in this line up:
4. Haven't worn since I was 23
5. Wore for a blip of time and on bloated days when I was 22.
6. Oh God! When I was 22 I totally wore you!
Ahhhhhh, the good ole days. Days when I could walk into a "normal" store and buy clothes that were cute...not feedsacks to cover my "fluffy" body. Also known as the days when I didn't have more than one chin, and my ass looked Goooooooooood. So good in fact, that I used to wear short-shorts...and turn heads in a good way. Days when guys acted like gentlemen toward me, and not as if I was invisible. (That happens a lot now, rarely does a man hold a door open for me when I'm out and about, even if my arms are full of stuff, they will let it swing shut behind them--this is a complete change from my "fairly hot bod" days.)
Point is, I'm well on my way to at the very least, the pants that I haven't worn since I was 24. Go me! The best part of all of this? I haven't even ratcheted up my workouts yet! I'm just doing 30 minutes 3 times per week! Imagine what will happen when I kick it up a notch to working out 5 days a week for an hour!
Visions of new clothes are dancing in my head.
Oh, I forgot to mention that Sweetie promised that when the clothes in my closet were all too big, he would take me shopping and pay for new ones!! Hell Yeah that's incentive! (And don't think I'm not adding bags and shoes to that! I am me after all!)
Oh, yeah, right, it is Fitness Friday, so ya'll wanna know my weight? 227. That's right baby! 10 lbs down!

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Anonymous said...

bahahaha... GOOD LUCK! I hope you make it to the 22 pants. Cute blog. Hope you make it back to mine more often! I love getting comments.